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Relaxation Massage

$125-135/60 min 

$150-165/75 min 

$175-195/90 min 

Long, broad, flowing strokes are used to help calm the nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension. As you relax, pressure will gradually be increased to moderate pressure to relax specific areas and relieve muscular tension. This massage promotes relaxation, increases circulation and improves range of motion. It will soothe tired muscles and decrease stress while providing relief from aches and pains. No deep pressure will be used during this massage.

Therapeutic Massage

$125-135/60 min 

$150-165/75 min 

$175-195/90 min 

$220-240/120 min (only for returning clients & at the therapist's discretion) 

As your muscles warm and relax the focus will be on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Using slow strokes and moderate to deep pressure on tight, contracted areas will aid in the release of chronic patterns and stress due to misalignment, repetitive movements and old injuries.

Foot Reflexology (only with Helene)
$75/30 min

Reflexology is a scientific, systemic technique of applying pressure to specific reflex points along the feet that have an effect on the normal functioning of all parts of the body by stimuli to various organs, glands, and nerves. It is wonderfully relaxing, and at the same time healing. This service includes a foot scrub.

Pregnancy Massage

(2nd & 3rd trimester only)

$150/75 min 

This massage focuses on relaxation & the relief of common aches/pains that are caused by body changes during pregnancy. Special care is taken to ensure you are positioned comfortably so you can truly relax & enjoy your massage. Aromatherapy and hot stones may not be added to this massage.

Area Treatment

$75-80/30 min 

When you don't have the time for a full body massage come in for a 30 minute area treatment.

Hot Stone Add-on 
$18 add-on to any massage

Your therapist will apply the soothing warmth of a hot stones to areas of the body that need extra attention. This creates an ultra-relaxing and therapeutic massage! 

Please request the add-on when you arrive for your appointment.

Neuromuscular Cupping (only with Patty)

$25 add-on to any massage with Patty

I use silicone cups of varying sizes, first gliding across the skin, then leaving the cups stationary to allow muscle tension and trigger points to release more easily. I may have you activate the muscles with the cups in place and then perform a stretch. Cupping with massage creates a push/pull effect with my hands providing pressure and the cups creating suction to pull on the layers of muscle and fascia. Cupping enhances my massage techniques, creating a deeper tissue massage. I may use the cups on one or several areas.

Please request the add-on when you arrive for your appointment.

Please Note:

Add-ons do not add extra time to your massage. These services will be performed during your scheduled time.